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The Meridian Line


Posted by Elliott Freeman on

    Ralph, Rosene and I recently returned from Ghana.  We had a fantastic time training men and woman who have a passion to reach the lost.  As I was sitting in the training room I was struck by the lives of the men before me.  I was listening to the stories of...

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A Voice Told Him To Stab His Wife

Posted by Dr. Milt Olson on

Jonas, from Kagba in the upper west region of Ghana, was known as an angry young man with a violent temper, a drunkard who spent everything on alcohol, and a worshipper of idols. One night he was awakened by a voice telling him to take a knife and stab his pregnant wife through her belly to kill...

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Report from Ghana

Posted by Ralph Speas on

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Ghana Trip

Posted by Ralph Speas on

Jesus told us to go make disciples, baptizing them and teaching to to obey all he commanded us. What are the commands of Jesus?

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