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About Us



   The exponential expansion of God's kingdom in the darkest places of the world.


To facilitate an exponential increase of worshippers in the kingdom by seeking, equipping, and connecting

We SEEK for

  • people groups and mission points in darkness without the Gospel
  • learners to participate in the exponential expansion of the Kingdom
  • missional churches (stateside and international) to walk beside and outfit for mission
  • international ministries motivated to penetrate darkness and able to provide mission opportunities
  • strategic alliances with whom we have much in common

We Equip partners

     walking beside them with training and providing tools that will assist them in developing effectiveness to fulfill the Great Commission

We Connect with 

  • people groups in the darkest places stateside and internationally to establish mission bases in cooperation with other ministries and local churches
  • learners stateside and internationally for multiplication training and immediate mobilization to the darkest of places
  • missional churches to walk beside, outfit for mission with practical multiplication training and connect them with ministries or churches in venues of great darkness
  • international ministries to work beside connecting them with stateside or other international missional churches who will partner with them in reaching the darkest places where they live
  • strategic alliances of like mind and vision to maximize reciprocal effectiveness
  • all our partners catalytically in an effort to encourage and energize them in their efforts to multiply, make disciples and plant healthy churches