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Meridian primarily uses storying as the means to equip believers in Evangelism and disciple making.  Many people in the world are oral learners and stories are an effective way to train people in God's Word.  Not only are stories effective for people who are oral learners but for those, who can't read and write, learning stories orally is the only way to the glean the truth of God's word.  

Jesus often used stories and parables to communicate truth.  In fact 75% of the Bible is in story format. Meridian wants to reproduce this model by storying and using tools that are effective, simple, reproducible and culturally relevant.

We have been using storying for almost a decade and have been blessed by God to see fruit all over the world.  Our passion is to produce disciples makers that would produce disciple makers. 



Storying Workshops

Below are the training workshops that we teach in the U.S and around the world.

Storying for Evangelism

an effective way to share the gospel in 15 min with an individual or over a period of weeks with a group

Storying for Discipleship

grow your small group into fully mature reproducing disciples through the stories from God's word

Storying for Church Planting

your group has grown and it's time to start a church.

Storying for Church Health

a healthy church is key to growth. Use stories to teach the Biblical view of church health

Storying for Biblical Leadership

your group has grown and you need to help develop leaders.  Use stories to help train up leaders in the Church

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